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Choose from a variety of side dishes that perfectly compliment our main menu:

CREAMED CORN - Our most popular side is creamy but not too rich, and is prepared with whole corn and garlic.

MASHED POTATO - Made fully from scratch with fresh potatoes, we mash every batch by hand to ensure it is flavorful without being overly starchy.

FRENCH BEANS - Typically paired with our premium Prime Rib, our French beans are sautéed in browned butter and red onions and cooked to a satisfying fresh crunch.

GARLIC BEEF FAT - Packed full of flavor, this side is not for the faint of heart! We sauté minced garlic and add some beef fat trimmings to make this sinful pleasure.

JAPANESE RICE - Each order is for two cups or two servings of rice.


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We can serve most same day orders. For big orders, best to give two (2) days notice.


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Delivery fees are subject to change especially during holidays. We will inform you accordingly.

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