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Benedicto Kitchen started out with a curious mind fueled by the love for food.

After numerous failed experiments, and driven by the idea of approaching things differently, BK broke out with its own roast beef recipe and baked salmon.

After almost two decades in the corporate world, the founder discovered his passion and took a leap of faith in 2018 to pursue his passion full-time and has never “worked” since.

We believe that serving great food is  as important as great service. Happy customers is the most important thing for us.


We prefer to make things from scratch. Even for meals at home, we do not use beef or chicken cubes or any of the commercially available flavourings. If we cook sinigang, we use real sampaloc or batuan. If we cook bulalo, we use bones from steaks to add flavor the the broth. We believe in brining out natural flavours mixed with special ingredients to achieve the "power subo". The power subo is the bite that is an explosion of flavours and textures that you crave for again and again.

Our dishes, whether we serve to ourselves or to our customers cannot be "puede na". It has to be really good or really really good. It is not a perfect process but we are obsessed with getting it right. Once we get it right, we need to practice and improve to always get it right or even get it even better. We find the best ingredient that will work for the dish and figure out the technique that works to bring out our vision for the dish. 

We love what we are doing and we work very hard for it. We wish to give our customers the best.

-Team Benedicto Kitchen

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