Baked Salmon Two Ways

Baked Salmon Two Ways

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Product Description

If you want our classic Parmesan salmon and the Herbed salmon, you can order it combined! We coat half the fillet with Parmesan and the other half with our herb crust.

Size / Weight Pax Guide:

  • 0.5 KG : Good for 5-6 pax
  • 1.0 KG : Good for 8 pax
  • 1.5 KG : Good for 10-12 pax
  • 2.0 KG : Good for 15-18 pax

Order Information

We can serve most same day orders. For big orders, best to give two (2) days notice =)


Delivery Information

Delivery fees are subject to change especially during holidays. We will inform you accordingly.

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