BK Gift Boxes
BK Gift Boxes
BK Gift Boxes
BK Gift Boxes

BK Gift Boxes

Regular price ₱50.00

Product Description

We have had many requests to make packaging for gifts. We listened and took action! We are offering two types of boxes that go with gift cards with your customised message:

  • Small Box - Fits 0.5kg or 1.0kg Roast Beef; 0.5kg Baked Salmon; Half Order of the Garlic Chicken
  • Large Box - Fits 1.5kg or 2kg Roast Beef; 1.0kg Baked Salmon; Whole Garlic Chicken; Surf and Turf Bundles (excluding the creamed corn)

Order Information

  • Small Box (Php50.00) per box. To order kindly allocate 1 box per dish. 
  • Large Box (Php110.00) per box. Can fit two dishes like Bundle 1 or Bundle 2 or 1 large dish.  



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